Volunteers Story

Volunteer's Story

Sometimes you can look into a child’s eyes and see that they are fragile souls. At the age of four, my CASA child and his siblings were removed from their parent’s home due to abuse and neglect. Now at the age of 14, my CASA child has experienced the trauma of having moved 27 times into a variety of foster homes, group homes and back with family members. He has moved schools at least 18 times. A number of years ago the parents rights were terminated and my CASA child has the goal of adoption, but to date he has been "unadoptable”. Although he loves his siblings, together they are too much for any foster parent to handle. My CASA child sees this turn of events as "Nobody loves me, that is why my brothers are in another family without me.” He told his CYS caseworker to "drop me off at the nearest junk yard since I’m garbage and nobody wants me.” How heartbreaking to be only 14 and feel so unloved!
Being a CASA isn’t easy. You sometimes see and hear things that are very difficult, but I continue on. I want to be a consistent person in this child’s life who works to build his self esteem. I am just stubborn enough to want to make sure this child is not overlooked in a very overwhelming system. Doesn’t my CASA child deserve the best just as I would want for my own children? Are his educational, medical and emotional needs being met? Are all the people working with him getting the right information? Will the judge see this boy and understand his needs when making decisions regarding his future? 
When I became a CASA volunteer, I was told I would investigate, facilitate, monitor and advocate. I would become a child’s voice in court and represent that child’s best interests. Looking into this 14 year-olds eyes, I see a precious and fragile soul and I see a child who needs me to help make a difference in his life. 
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