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Advocating for the best interest of abused/neglected children in the dependency court system is the role of the CASA volunteer; with the goal that each child find a safe and permanent home as quickly and practically as possible. Additionally, the CASA volunteer works to ensure that the unique needs of each child are met in regards to their medical, developmental, emotional, social, and educational well being.
The following lists of websites/resources is intended to help the child advocate learn more about the issues related to child abuse/neglect and help them become better advocates for the children for whom they advocate. This list is not intended to be a complete or comprehensive list; rather it is intended to help promote increased knowledge and further investigation into the many issues involved in the arena of child advocacy. Additionally, CASA for Kids does not endorse any of these agencies, books, or websites but rather provides the list for informational and research purposes.
Our Websites of Interest link provides information on: child advocacy; laws regarding child abuse/neglect; independent living services for dependent youth; special/medical needs of children; educational advocacy/rights; adoption information; information for grandparents/relatives raising children; mental health resources; and substance abuse information.
Our CASA Reading List link is a list of reading materials that might be helpful to CASA volunteers, as well as others interested in child advocacy.  
Our Service Providers link includes many of the service providers that our volunteers will come in contact with during the course of their advocacy services. This list is extensive, but does not necessarily cover every agency or service in Washington County and beyond. The list provides listings for: Washington County Mental Health Base Service Units, Washington County Mental Health Case Management, Washington County Public Mental Health Outpatient Facilities, Misc. Mental Health Services, Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services Providers, Washington County Substance Abuse Treatment Providers, Miscellaneous Supportive Services, Washington County Children and Youth and Juvenile Probation Supportive Services, Foster Care Providers and Residential Treatment/Group Home Providers.
To learn more about the CASA program you can also go to the following websites for more information:
National CASA Association
Pennsylvania State CASA Association
To Report Child Abuse, call CHILDLINE at: 1- 800-932-0313
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