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Who will speak for this child?
In Washington County, there are over
400 children who are in the Washington County Juvenile Dependency Court system through no fault of their own. 
Many of these children are victims of abuse or neglect.
Who will be there to get to know the child personally,  be a constant voice for the child in the court system, and make sure that the child gets the services that are needed?
Will you speak for this child?
In Washington County, PA,
there is a group which is dedicated to help these children. . .
CASA for Kids.
CASA for Kids, Inc., is a local, non-profit organization that trains community members
to become Court Appointed Special Advocates who will speak up for the best interest of
abused and neglected children in the Courts of Washington County. 
CASA Advocate volunteers review records, research information and talk to
everyone involved in a child’s life and then present their recommendation
to the court as to what they feel is in the best interest of the child. 

Judges rely heavily on this fact-based testimony to make
a more informed decision on the child’s future.

Who will speak for the children?

As of May, 2016, there are 21 children on the waiting list of
CASA for Kids of Washington County, PA
hoping for someone to help them.

This is in addition to the 82 children in our county
already being served by current CASA Advocates.
Become a CASA Advocate volunteer and help give
these children a voice.
CASA Advocate training classes are forming soon.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to CASA
on the September 9, 2015 WCCF Gives Day.
Because of your generosity, we raised $25,215 which will be increased from the match pool.  

Thanks to the many friends of CASA for Kids who helped during this
past year.

 Click links below for more information.

CASA Advocate Training Classes
Mark your calendar for February 28 - March 30, 2017

Become a CASA Advocate and give a voice to the abused and neglected children in the
Courts of Washington County 

Showcase of Playhouses
April 24-30, 2017
Washington Crown Center Mall, Washington, PA
Raffle of playhouses to benefit
CASA for Kids of Washington County, PA
A dream of a lifetime for the child in your life.

Chefs for CASA
April 28, 2017

Join us for this wonderful dining experience at 
Bella Sera Event Venue in Canonsburg, PA
Proceeds benefit CASA for Kids of Washington County, PA

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