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22    A Child's Place Training Opportunity 
5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Learn how A Child's Place at The Washington Hospital can work with
CASA for Kids to protect Washington County's children
The Washington Hospital,  Stout Conference Room # 3


CASA Training Classes

Must  be registered in advance for the CASA Advocate Class to attend sessions

Location to be announced

5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

12    WCCF Gives
 8 a.m. - 8 p.m
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19    CASA Advocate Class # 1
Chapter 1 – Introducing the CASA Volunteer Role
Welcome, understanding child abuse & neglect, principles & concepts that guide CASA volunteer work. Looking ahead, Harris-Price case.
Presented by: CASA Staff
Homework – please read Chapter 2
21   CASA Advocate Class # 2
Chapter 2 – Introducing Children and Youth Services and Introducing the Law
A discussion about what CYS does, the departments of CYS, and the role of the caseworker. In the law section, we will discuss the development of child abuse & neglect laws, the roles in a juvenile court case, time frames for hearings and more.
Presented by: TBA
Homework – please review Chapter 3
26    CASA Advocate Class # 3
Chapter 3 – Developing Cultural Competence   
Diversity, cultural heritage, personal values, culturally competent child advocacy, developing an action plan.
Presented by: CASA Staff
Homework – please review Chapter 3

28    CASA Advocate Class # 4
Chapter 4 – Understanding Families – Part 1
Family strengths, understanding families through culture, stress in families, risk factors for child abuse & neglect, the impact of mental illness on children & families, the impact of domestic violence on children & families.
Presented by: TBA and CASA Staff
Homework – please read Chapter 5


CASA Training Classes

Must be registered in advance for the CASA Advocate Class to attend sessions
3    CASA Advocate Class # 5
Chapter 5 – Understanding Families – Part 2
The impact of substance abuse/addiction on children & families, poverty – the facts for children, importance of family to a child.
Presented by: TBA and CASA Staff 
Homework – please read Chapter 6

5    CASA Advocate Class # 6
Chapter 6 – Understanding Children
We will discuss how the child welfare system impacts children and learn about the ages and stages assessments of children to understand developmental concerns and make recommendations to benefit children. 
Presented by: Kelley Swift, CASA Board President.
Homework – please read Chapter 7

10    CASA Advocate Class # 7
Chapter 7 – Communication 
Developing communication skills, communicating with children, dealing with conflict, understanding confidentiality.
Presented by: CASA Staff
Homework – please read Chapter 8

12    CASA Advocate Class # 8
Chapter 8 – Gathering Information 
How a CASA advocate is appointed to a case, planning the investigation & gathering information, a successful advocate interview, investigating a case, and utilizing community resources.
Presented by: CASA Staff
Homework – please read Chapter 9 & 10

17    CASA Advocate Class # 9
Chapter 9 & 10 – Reporting and Monitoring a Case and Pulling It All Together 
Writing court reports & making effective recommendations, appearing in court, monitoring a case and pulling it all together.
Presented by: CASA Staff

19    CASA Advocate Class # 10
Case Study- class will be joined by current CASA Advocates 
Small group discussion and input into investigating and making recommendations for a sample case
Dinner will be provided for this session.






Chefs for CASA
Bella Sera Event Venue, Canonsburg, PA

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