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Designate CASA on Ebay
Log Onto eBay and Turn Your Stuff Into Cash for CASA

CASA for Kids, Inc. and eBay are working together to give you an additional opportunity to help raise money for the Association and help provide quality advocacy for children who are the victims of abuse and neglect.  Money received from eBay donations will be used to help us recruit and train new CASA volunteers
Here's how the program works: 
  • As an individual seller who wishes to donate between 10% to 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of an item on eBay, simply chose the option to donate a portion of the sale to CASA for Kids, Inc. of Washington County in the "Pictures and Details" portion of the "Sell Your Item" section on eBay.  
  • This will lead the seller through the steps that will enable CASA for Kids to be earmarked as a beneficiary from the sale of an item (see below for more details).  

How does this benefit the seller? 
  • eBay research has shown that sellers who designate a portion of their proceeds to benefit a charity typically receive more bids at higher rates than do similarly listed items that do not have a charity listed as a beneficiary. 
  • Sellers also receive a tax deduction for the donation and the donation is backed by eBay Giving Works and MissionFish, ensuring the money designated will be received by CASA for Kids, Inc.
How to list an item on ebay

It is very easy to list an item on ebay and donate a portion of the sales to CASA for Kids.
Click here to be taken directly to the CASA for Kids, Inc. of Washington County, PA ebay site where you will be guided through the listing process step-by-step.

Another way to help is by simply donating an item or a service directly to
CASA for Kids and CASA for Kids will initiate the sales process.
  • With this option, CASA for Kids receives 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of the donated item(s) and eBay waves the insertion and final value fees to benefit to CASA for Kids. 
What can be sold or donated?
 Avid eBay users know that almost anything can sell, but for anyone who hasn't yet caught the eBay bug, or for someone who wants to donate an item or service directly to CASA for Kids, to auction, here are some ideas:
  •  A unique experience such as a "behind the scenes tour", a "meal with...", "tickets in a luxury suite for a sports event or concert", etc.
  • Sporting goods equipment
  • Donations from restaurants, florists, gift cards and more
  • Airline tickets, Airline miles, or Credit card point
  • Jewelry and Collectables
  • Gift Certificates or Tickets to events
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Art work, antiques, one of a kind objects
  • Autographed sports or celebrity memorabilia
  • Shoes and accessories
  • and so much more...........
Items benefiting charities are earmarked with the Giving Works Ribbon, so bidders are aware that they too are helping out a worthy cause.
For more information on listing an item on eBay to benefit CASA for Kids, Inc. or to donate an item or a one of a kind experience to auction, please contact the CASA for Kids, Inc. office at 724-228-0414 or e-mail us at .
8 Simple Steps to sell your items on eBay and benefit CASA for Kids, Inc.
1. Choose an item to sell and write a title and description for the item (eBay gives you tips on how to do this, or search eBay for currently listed items that are similar to yours)

2. Take a digital photo of your item.

3. Register and set up an account with eBay (if you don't already have one).

4. While listing on eBay, you will find the "Pictures and Details" page, this is where you will be asked if you want to donate between 10-100% of your sale to a charity. You will then choose the CASA for Kids, Inc. for their listing of charities and select you donation percentage.

5. Complete your listing on eBay. Once listed, the item will appear with the eBay Giving Works icon.

6. When the listing ends, the buyer pays the seller and the seller ships the item to the buyer.

7. The seller then pays their donation to MissionFish. If the seller does not pay within a few days, MissionFish collects the money from their credit card.

8. MissionFish distributes the funds to the CASA for Kids, Inc., minus a small processing fee, and issues the seller a tax receipt.  
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