A Child's Place Training Opportunity

CASA Training

A Child’s Place
Child Advocacy Center
A unique service available through The Washington Hospital
to protect children in Washington County

Special training program
Reaching Out To CASA Volunteers to Better Serve Our Children
August 22, 2017
5:30 -7:30 p.m.
Washington Hospital Stout Conference Room # 3

Please register in advance

• Who we are
• How we work
• When physical exams are necessary
• Medical findings
• How CASA and the CAC can work together
• Questions and answers

A tour of the Child Advocacy Center located in the lower level of
The Washington Hospital is also included as part of the training.

A Child's Place uses an experienced interdisciplinary team of pediatricians, psychologists, social workers and child development specialists to assess the possibility of child abuse. Our team approach ensures the accuracy and speed of investigations and helps to protect children from further abuse. 

Sparing each child the trauma of multiple interviews and physical exams, we collaborate directly with primary care providers, child protective services, law enforcement and district attorneys. We also assist primary caregivers in finding the most appropriate treatment.

When parents, caregivers, teachers or physicians suspect sexual/physical abuse or neglect, they may contact A Child's Place. Our trained staff carefully interviews the child to determine if and how abuse may have occurred. The physical, cognitive, emotional and developmental status of the child is considered, as well as the context in which allegations emerged. Our expert pediatricians will also examine the child to see if there is physical evidence of abuse and to ensure the child's physical well being. Referrals are made for support services as needed.

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